Motivate People To Buy From You

Many business owners who sell products or services over the internet ask themselves the question “what motivates a buyer”?   If you can find the right answer to that question you can increase your sales and conversion rate.  Increasing your sales is what every business owner wants.  Increased sales mean more profit for your business.

You may think that people buy what they need and so this is how you should be selling to them.  Not true.  People no longer buy what they need.  Instead, in today’s society many people now buy what they want and not what is needed.

It is not uncommon to find a household where the family members struggle to put healthy food on the table.  They may not like to fix meals and are spending money for take-out and fast food in place of buying groceries.  This same family may have a big screen television set that includes all the premium and pay for view channels.  They may also have purchased smart phones for each family member and are paying the monthly fee for service on the phones.

As you can see, the things on which people spend money are not necessary things.  The money is spent on things they want.  For this reason you need to pitch your product or service so that a prospective client views it as a want and not as a need.  They need to crave your product or service and feel they absolutely must have it.

People purchase items because they receive pleasure from buying them.  A customer does not go into a car dealership and purchase a top of the line luxury car because he needs that particular car.  Purchasing a Kia or Ford would have done the job just as well as the luxury car.

A buyer purchases the top of the line luxury car because of the pleasure that goes with it.  It might be the comfort of the expensive car or all the fancy gadgets or the fact that they are driving a status symbol.  Whatever their reason they are spending the money to purchase the fancy luxury car, instead of saving thousands of dollars on a less expensive car, for the pleasure of owning the luxury.

Some people want to avoid the pain associated with car accidents.  This is why the Volvo sells so well. It is not the best-looking car, nor is it the most expensive car.  However, the Volvo is viewed as one of the safest cars on the market and this appeals to people who are interested in protecting their family and their passengers and well as themselves.

Three reasons why people buy are to satisfy a want, to experience pleasure from the purchase, and to avoid pain.  If you can figure out how to entice customers with one of their motivations for buying you can convert more visitors to your site into paying customers.

Identify your target market and determine how you can help them with your product or service and make them feel they must have what you are selling.  In this way you can boost your sales and watch your profits grow.