Natural Remedies That Work With Your Body 

There are remedies for ailments that work in conjunction with the body’s own ability to heal and cure itself.  This kind of remedy is known as a naturopathic remedy.  Naturopathy focuses on the cause of a condition rather than on the symptoms of a disease.   This approach is different from the approach by the traditional medical profession which often places the emphasis on the symptoms of a disease. With naturopathy the disease is seen as an indication from the body that all is not well within the harmonious balance of the body.  The body needs some work to be done to rectify the necessary harmonious balance. 

When you consult with a naturopath he will do a complete and full physical of the body.  Then he will engage in a detailed look at the lifestyle of the patient.  A close look will be made of the diet and activities of the patient.  The naturopath will want to know about the food the patient eats and the patient’s exercise routine.  Tests for allergies may also be done. 

There are many conditions that can be managed or cured using naturopathic remedies.  The range of conditions which naturopathic remedies can manage is as varied and wide as those which can be managed using medicines from a traditional medical professional.    Some of the conditions that respond to naturopathic remedies include pre-menstrual tension, colds and flu, irritable bowel syndrome, mental conditions, obesity, acne, hypertension, arthritis, digestive complaints, allergies, headaches, anxiety, and depression.   This list is by no means a complete list of the conditions which can be treated with natural remedies. 

The basis of all good naturopathic remedies is founded on the belief that what goes into the body is important.  If you believe the body has the ability to repair and heal itself, then it is necessary to supply the body with the correct environment in which to do the healing and repair work.  Nothing in naturopathic healing is truer than the old adage that “you are what you eat”. 

In order for the body to heal you need to supply it with wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables together with the right balance of minerals and nutrients.  You should always avoid processed and fatty foods which have ingredients and additives that will disrupt the body’s natural processes and send it out of harmony.  Many processed foods contain ingredients that have been altered by man and these foods are no longer in their original natural state.  You should also avoid processes sugars, salts and stimulants like coffee, alcohol and nicotine. 

A naturopath may employ various types of remedies to treat a patient.  Perhaps the best know naturopathic remedy is acupuncture.  Acupuncture has been popular throughout the world for many years. The interest in and use of this ancient treatment continues to grow.  The principles that underline acupuncture are based on the philosophy that the body works best when the energy within can flow naturally and correctly.  We become ill when these energy pathways become blocked.  Acupuncture helps us to heal by clearing these energy pathways. 

Naturopathic remedies are based on the specific conditions and needs of each person.  These remedies are often able to produce a beneficial healing result.