Online Relationships

Are you wondering if online relationships are good or even healthy?  The answer to that questions probably depends on the individuals involved in the relationship.

If you are already involved with a significant other in your life is this other person agreeable to you having online friends or does this other person feel a deep connection with an online friend is a form of cheating?  It will be up to you and your partner to determine your own relationship.  Some couples are fine with their partners having online friends of both genders, other couples are not happy with this idea.  If the online relationship moves from simply friendly to a romantic relationship, then there is a problem.  No one wants their partner to be thinking about someone else too much.

There are numerous social sites available such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you can engage in conversations with lots people from all over the world.  It’s fun to be able to reconnect with someone you went to school with years ago.

If you are engaging in an online relationship with a stranger, it can become a little more complicated.  It’s important at an early stage in the conversations that the two of you determine where you want this relationship to go.  Are you interested in engaging in friendly conversations, or are you looking for something more deep and lasting?   Each couple will have their own set of rules and both parties need to be aware of what the rules are.  This is not a factor when you first talk with someone, but if the online relationship continues and a bond seems to be growing between the two of you, then it is important.  Its not fair for one person to be considering that the connection is strong enough to meet in person, while the other person is only interested in casual conversation online.

Something else that needs to be considered when engaging in online relationships is that the person with whom you are communicating may not be the person they claim to be.  The person you think is a lovely single 20-year-old woman may, in fact, be a fifty-year-old grandmother, a thirteen-year-old kid, a married woman having some fun, or a man.  When you don’t really know who the person is you are communicating with, it’s hard to form a bond.  Although you may feel that you know this person, you really don’t.  You need to be careful what information you are giving out to this online person.

If you are engaged in an online relationship where the bond appears to be getting stronger, perhaps it is time to take your conversations to a new stage and use a webcam to communicate.  At least, in this way, you will know the person with whom you are communicating looks like the person they claim to be.

When you decide to meet your online friend in person, always arrange to meet in a public place.  Even though you have chatting online for a good while, when you meet in person it will be almost like starting from the beginning, so take things slowly.

To answer the questions of whether online relationships are good or even healthy I’d say that  it depends on the nature of the relationship and how the people involved in the relationship feel about it.