Organize The Kid’s Stuff 

If your family includes children then you know that kids have a bunch of stuff.  Children have a lot of things from the time they are babies until they become adults and go out on their own.  If you want to keep your sanity and not be overwhelmed by the clutter, you need to find a way to accommodate all of these things.  It starts with items like strollers, push toys and building blocks and progresses to things like hockey sticks, a doll or model car collection, and electronic gadgets.  Add on trophies, hobby supplies, school stuff and more. 

If everything has a place then there is a better chance the stuff will be put away.  You don’t want to waste precious closet space for these types of items.  Instead, add some storage bins, chests or a shelving unit, install hooks on the back of the closet door, add some hooks to the walls in the bedroom or basement. 

Often you can purchase beds for children that come with storage compartments.  Some have storage underneath and some are bunkbeds with steps that have pull out drawers for storage.   There are also plastic containers with wheels designed to store things under beds.  Bunkbeds or sleeping lofts are great options if two children need to share a room.  You can include nightstands which have either drawers or shelves for more storage. 

If you have a tall teenager a full-size bed or an extra-long twin bed may be a better fit.  Be sure to think about incorporating some storage space when you purchase one of these. 

Children need a place to spread out books and binders at homework time.  Even if the child has a computer desk it may not be enough room.  If there is room consider a larger desk for the child.  Otherwise, be lenient in allowing the child to use the kitchen or dining room table for homework.  To prevent restlessness a child’s feet should touch the floor when sitting in the chair at the table.  If the chair is too tall use a box or stool under the child’s feet. 

You can keep sports equipment and toys under control by using large plastic cubes, storage chests or shelving units with baskets or bins.  Hall trees are a great solution for coats.
Some of these hall trees come with a storage bench which works very well as a solution for skates and boots. 

Children have changing tastes so it is easier if you paint the child’s room instead of using wallpaper.  It is much easier to simply repaint a room when the child wants a different look to his space. 

You can keep the family room and living room furniture looking good by choosing fabrics that will withstand hard use.  Look for fabrics with a high thread count and tight weave that will clean easily.  For durability a flat weave is better than a textured fabric.  Microfibers are good choices for surviving pets and kids.  Slipcovers are an easy solution.  These can be removed and washed.  Consider versatile sectional sofas which can adapt to any room and be comfortable for all the family members.  Add some nesting tables that can be moved from room to room as needed for games and projects. 

Family life will be easier and less stressful if you can organize some of the stuff. Everyone, especially Mom, will be happier if they don’t have to trip over the accumulated stuff.