Organize Your Garage

Some people have garages, but they are so full of stuff there is no room to park the car.  If this problem reminds you of your garage it is time to get to work and organize the space.  Organizing the garage can be a long tiresome task.  The sooner you get started – the better.

Keep in mind when organizing the garage that this activity means finding a designated place for everything while, at the same time, keeping things available for everyday use.

Start by emptying your garage and sorting and categorizing all the items in your garage.  Separate the hand tools from the electric tools, the garden equipment from the sporting equipment, etc.

Once you start sorting you will realize how much stuff you have and you should be able to determine the best way to organize and store everything.  Sort things that belong in the garage and relocate items that belong in the basement or the attic and not in the garage.  You will likely find duplicates or triplicates of some items since you were unable to locate them in the clutter before.

The items you no longer need or want and any duplicate items can be sold at a garage sale.  Anything that is broken or simply junk can be tossed or, If possible, recycled.

Make a visit to your home improvement store.  There you will find lots of ideas for storage in the garage.  You can install a special rack to hang lawn tools such as rakes, shovels, etc. and keep them accessible, but out of the way.  There are racks to hang bikes and folding outdoor furniture.  Perhaps you can install some cabinets where you can store seasonal equipment.  Store winter items like ice scrapers, snow shovels and snow blowers near each other.  Have the warm weather equipment stored together too.  If you have space in an outdoor shed that is the perfect place to store out of season items.  Then as the seasons change you can rotate the winter and summer items.

When you are organizing consider installing additional storage to help maintain the clutter free space.  Mount shelves and cabinets on the walls.  Store items that you use frequently in a way that makes them accessible every time you need them.

If you use your garage as a workshop install a table or a bench.  Include a sturdy tool chest and a pegboard so the tools you use regularly will be easily accessible.

If you are not handy at installing shelves or mounting cabinets now might be the time to hire a handyman to build these types of storage items right in your garage.

Relocate your trash cans and recycle bins close to the garage so you can easily dispose of unwanted items from your garage.  It’s a good idea to locate these cans close to the garage door so you are not tempted to keep unnecessary items because the trash bins are too far away.

Once your garage is organized you will find you have more space, you will be able to locate the items you want, you should eliminate the need to purchase duplicates because you can’t find an item, and you may even now have space to park a car in the garage if this is what you want to do.