Organize Your Tool Box 

It’s very irritating when you need to do a home project and you cannot locate the tool you need for the task.  You know you have the right screwdriver somewhere.  You just don’t remember where you put it when you used it last.   If your tools were all together in your tool box, and the tools were organized, then you would know what tools you have and exactly where to put your hands on them. 

Spend a little time and effort and get your tools in order.  The next time you need one, you’ll know right where to find it.  Here are a few tips to help you get started organizing your tools and your tool box. 

The first step is to get all your tools together. You might find your tools in the car, garage, kitchen, basement, etc.  Lay out all your tools in one place and put like tools together, i.e., put screwdrivers together, put hammers together, etc.  This will give you an idea of how many tools you have of each type.  It will also show you how many duplicates you have of the same tool in the same size. 

Now, go over each tool and decide what to do with it.  Is the tool a duplicate?  Do you need more than one of this kind?  If not, either give it to someone who can use it or just get rid of it.  If it is a tool that has been passed down through the family perhaps someone else will feel a sentimental attachment to it and you can give the tool to them.  Is the tool in good working order or is it broken?  If broken, can it be repaired or is it a better value to replace it?  Do you have a multi-purpose tool that will do the same job more effectively than the single tool? 

Your old broken tools can be tossed out.  Tools that are in good working order can be sold on eBay or at a yard sale. You can donate tools still in good condition to your favorite charity.  Only keep the tools that you plan to use.  If you have a tool you haven’t used in many years you probably are never going to need it. 

Determine where you want to keep your tools. Do you want them in the garage, the basement, or somewhere else?  Do you want some tools in one place and other tools in a different place? Sort your tools into groups according to the location where you want to store them.  After you have sorted your tools you will have a good idea of the storage space required for each area. 

Check out the tool boxes that are available.  You can find these at hardware stores, big box stores, online and at various other places.  Portable tool boxes work well if you want to keep some tools in your vehicle.  Some plastic storage cabinets with sliding drawers will work well to store small parts.  In the basement or garage you can use pegboards to keep tools off the countertops while still having them handy.  If you have some larger size tools to store you may need some new shelving units to accommodate them. 

Once you have your tool box and any other storage items you need, begin putting your tools in order.  If you put everything back in its place after use your tools will remain organized.  You will no longer have to spend lots of time searching for a particular tool. 

By organizing your tools you’ll save not only time searching, but you’ll save money by not buying duplicates of tools you already own but can’t find.