Original First Date Ideas


A first date is the time when two people get to know each other. You discover if you really share similar interests and are compatible.

Since you usually do not know the other person very well when you engage in your first date it can become awkward and if things are not going well the evening can seem to last forever.

If   both of you are shy or quiet trying to carry on a conversation at dinner for several hours can seem endless.

If you take in a movie on your first date you will be sitting with no conversation for a couple of hours so you’ll learn very little about each other.

Dinner and or a movie are the usual ideas for a first date. There are many other ideas for a first date which can be fun and not be as awkward or stressful. Here are a few suggestions for a first date in place of the usual dinner and a movie.

Instead of going to a restaurant for dinner what about you and your date cooking the meal. You don’t want to do an intimate meal at home, but taking a cooking class locally is a good way to spend an evening. Keep your eye out for deals on a cooking class as these can be rather pricey.

If the weather is nice what about packing some snacks and drinks and enjoying a walk in the park or along the beach.

Stroll through a street festival or a food bazaar and sample the enticing foods and drinks.

A number of street festivals even feature some entertainment such as ethnic dances.

Going to dinner can be awkward if you need to make conversation while at the same table in the same place for a couple of hours. Instead of dinner at one restaurant how about spreading a meal over several eating places. It can be fun and interesting to have an appetizer at one place, an entrée at a second place and coffee and dessert at a third place. This will break up the meal and can be more interesting. It will let you sample foods from several places that appeal to the two of you.


When the weather is nice you can enjoy an outdoor concert or movie or even a theatre performance.

Going to a professional ballgame can be very expensive. Try going to a minor league game. These are often even more enjoyable than the majors.

How long has it been since you visited the zoo. Lots to see and talk about.

If the weather is cold what about a visit to an ice rink for skating or even a visit to the local hill for some sledding or if it is convenient a day skiing.

Bowling is a fun evening just about anyone can enjoy.

There are lots of places you can visit. What about a historic site, a museum, the aquarium, the planetarium, a winery for wine tasting, or perhaps you prefer browsing in some antique shops.

If you want to go to a bar for a few drinks perhaps you should visit one with karaoke or one with a billiard or pool table or one that features the game of darts.

There are just a few first date suggestions. I’m sure you can come up with additional ideas. You want your first date to be fun and both of you want to feel comfortable while getting to know each other.