Owing A Pet Has Social Benefits

Living an isolated lifestyle can be harmful to your health.  When you are alone most or all of the time it can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety or perhaps even cause panic attacks.  For a healthy life, in addition to eating a sensible diet, you need to socialize with others and you need some exercise on a regular basis.  This is where having a pet, especially a dog, is helpful.  Dogs make wonderful companions and offer unconditional love to their owner. 

Owning a dog is one of the best ways to become social, especially outdoors.  When you take a dog out for a walk in the neighborhood you are going to meet new neighbors and chat with those old neighbors you already know.  Many people will come up to you and your dog when you are walking to admire and pet the dog. Then they will naturally chat with you.  Walking your dog in the neighborhood is not only a good way to get some exercise, it is a good way to socialize.

Another good place to take your dog is to the dog park.  This give your pet a chance to exercise and socialize with other pets while also giving you a chance to socialize with other dog owners.  These will be people with whom you have something in common; the love of your pets.  Starting conversations with other like-minded people should be easy.  Others are probably just as interested as you are in striking up a conversation.

Owning a dog means you need to take care of the animal.  This includes taking the dog to the veterinarian for routine examinations and shots, At the vet’s office you will come in contact with other pet owners.  There will probably be pet owners of cats as well as dogs and possible some other animal species.  Everyone knows there are “cat” people and “dog” people.  Perhaps you can strike up a discussion on this topic at the vet’s office with a “cat” person.  It might be interesting to hear why this person prefers one animal over the other and what the differences are between owning a dog or cat.  You may also find owners of other types of animals with whom you can start a discussion.  This is a good place to socialize with other owners of pets of different types.

It may be necessary to take your dog to a groomer at various times.  This is another place where you will come in contact with people having similar interests.   You can socialize with other pet owners when you are the groomers.

Socializing is vital to your health and well-being and also to the health and well-being of your dog.  Your dog depends on you for physical activity and social activities.  If you sit idle you may encounter problems such as heart disease, joint disease and obesity.  With a dog you will have to get up and go out and exercise the dog.  To keep your dog happy and healthy, the dog needs to get out and have some activity.

Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility.  Taking care of the needs of your dog is a good reason to get outdoors and socialize with both people and other animals.  Even a shy person will be able to talk with others who stop to comment on and perhaps pet the dog.