Pay Attention Business Owners! Here Are 15 Simple Ways To Make Your Business More Green


Making your business more green will not only help the environment it may improve your bottom line. More and more consumers are interested in using environmentally friendly services and products. Here are some suggestions on how your business can be more green.

  1. Reduce the number of cars commuting to work each day. Encourage your employees to carpool. If public transportation is an option encourage employees to us it. Perhaps the company can offer some subsidies toward the public transportation cost. For those living nearby encourage walking to work. When possible, allow your employees to telecommute.

2. Plants will not only brighten an office they will absorb the air pollution.

3. When you purchase carpeting or furniture be sure it does not contain toxic chemicals.

4. Either encourage employees to bring their own cups and water bottles or provide reusable dishes, cups, glasses and utensils. Install a water filtration system in the office so clean fresh water is always available. With reusable kitchenware and fresh water available you can eliminate the waste from paper cups and plates, plastic water bottles and utensils.

5. Do not use excessive packaging materials.

6. Cut down on water usage. Repair any plumbing leaks. If you do laundry on premises make sure to have a full load before running an energy efficient washer.

Gas-Leaks7. When you are replacing your electronic items such as computers, tablets, monitors, etc. try to recycle them instead of simply sending them to the landfill.

8. Be sure you remove any sensitive data first. If the equipment is less than 5 years old some schools may be able to use it. Some computer manufacturers have recycling programs that will give you a credit for a trade in.

9. Instead of printing hard copies of your employee manuals post the manuals and similar information online.

10. Reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Have communications viewed online. Switch to a fax modem so faxes can be sent via e-mail. Opt out of receiving junk mail such as unwanted advertising, catalogues, magazines, newsletters, etc.

11.Place recycle bins in high traffic areas and give instructions on what is not eligible for recycling.

Instead of traveling for business meetings use videoconferencing as often as practical.

12. Switch light bulbs to LED bulbs. These do not contain toxic gases and mercury found in fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Although the cost upfront will be higher the LED bulbs last 5 times longer then other bulbs.

13. Use green cleaning products. Many of these green cleaning products are concentrated to although they may seem expensive the may actually save some money. Green cleaning products are better for your health as well as the environment.

14. Source your supplies from local suppliers. Use products which have been manufactured in a sustainable fashion. Avoid any products containing toxic materials. Purchase items which can be recycled. Purchase recycled products.

15. Turn off your computer and the power strip it is plugged into when you leave for the day. Have your computer set to go to sleep when you take short breaks during the day. When purchasing new equipment be sure it is energy-saving.