Peanut Butter Diet

Are you someone who loves the taste of peanut butter?  Are you trying to lose weight, but can’t stick to a boring tasteless diet?  If your answer to these questions is yes, then the peanut butter diet may be for you.

Don’t expect to eat a jar of peanut butter and lose weight. The peanut butter diet is a low-calorie diet plan.  On this diet women are allowed 1300 calories daily and men are allowed 2000 calories daily.  Eating small meals is suggested rather than eating three large meals each day.  Eating small meals throughout the day will keep you feeling more satisfied and should prevent binge eating.  When dieting it is very important to pay attention to your portion sizes.  Portion control is the way to stay within your allotted calories.

On this diet, peanut butter is consumed twice a day with a meal or snack.  Women may have two servings of peanut butter each day and men may have three servings.  A serving of peanut butter is two level tablespoons.  Two level tablespoons of peanut butter equal approximately 190 calories.

Jar of peanut butter with nuts. On wooden texture.

You can incorporate your peanut butter in smoothies, eat it straight from the jar on a spoon, or spread it on English muffins or waffles.  Enjoy your peanut butter any way you like it.  It does not matter whether the peanut butter is natural or emulsified or what brand you prefer.

Dieters may find it easier to stick with the plan when they are eating something they enjoy like peanut butter.  Then the feeling of being deprived of tasty food is eliminated.  Peanut butter also tends to make you feel full longer than many other foods,

Although peanut butter is high in calories it is rich in monounsaturated fat and does provide some health benefits.  Peanut butter is rich in fiber and nutrients that your body needs to help combat heart disease and cancer.

In addition to the peanut butter your meal plans should include lean meats and fish, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, non-fat or low-fat dairy.  You need to include some physical activity most days of the week.

Following the peanut butter diet plan should allow you to lose weight slowly over a period of time.  Slow steady weight loss is the healthy way to get rid of those excess pounds.  You did not become overweight over night and you will not become slim overnight either.  When you stick with a slow steady weight loss program it will become a way of life for you.  You will become accustomed to a healthy lifestyle and will not have to worry about gaining back your weight.

Once you begin eating healthy and engaging in exercise, you will feel so much better that you will not want to return to your old habits.

Be sure to talk with your health care professional before beginning any new diet program.  The peanut butter diet may not be for everyone. If you have any serious health problems, or you are pregnant or breast-feeding, talking with your medical professional is especially important before you begin to follow the peanut butter diet or any new diet.