Play Games To Keep Your Mind Alert 

Have you ever had a “senior moment”?  If not, just wait because you will experience it at some time.  A senior moment is when you have done something dumb like forgetting where you put your car keys or spending time searching for sunglasses perched atop your head.  These scenarios can be entertaining, but they can also indicate that your mind is not as focused as it could be. 

If you have been out of the workforce or out of school for a while and are engaging in the same repetitive tasks each day your mind can become dull.  Your brain is on cruise control.  You should always be striving to stretch your brain and learn something new.  You want to keep your mind alert and sharp so you need to learn new things.  You also want to concentrate on solving problems like crossword puzzles, word find puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. 

There are lots of ways to participate in activities to keep your mind sharp.  To get rid of the cobwebs trying to accumulate in your brain try some online games and puzzles.  You want to keep your brain cells active. If online gaming is not for you there are the traditional games you play at home like solitaire, various puzzles, etc.  

For creativity try some visual art puzzles and for logic try some number and letter puzzles.  A competitive game of scrabble is great whether played with online competitors or with friends at home. 

Jigsaw puzzles will help tune up your observation skills.  You can complete jigsaws puzzles online and then you never have to worry about where to work the puzzle and you can never lose a puzzle piece.  Another great way to focus your mind is with puzzles where the pictures appear identical at first glance, but you need to find the differences.  Puzzles can be both addictive and fun.   

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of mind games check out Mind Machine.  This game has various types of activities to stretch your mind to its limits.  The level of difficulty can be adjusted between easy, normal, hard and insane.  You get to choose which level suits your needs best. 

There are ten different machines provided with Mind Machine.  These include mathematics, matching, repeating patterns, and observation skills.  The object is to achieve a high score whole racing against time.  The music and graphics for the games are entertaining.  Integrated in the games are visual elements combined with logic, number sequences and reading skills.  One games involves placing missing pieces on a totem pole by matching design and color.  Another game involves determining the number of cubes in a picture.  The number and arrangements of the cubes is changed to keep you alert. 

Keep your mind fit and healthy by playing games and solving puzzles.  Online games are entertaining and provide stimuli to many of your senses.  Everyone can find online games that suit their interest and provide enjoyment.  Spend some time exploring various types of available games and puzzles.  You will not only have fun, but you may ward off some of those “senior moments”.