Recondition Batteries At Home

You can save some money and help the environment if you learn how to recondition your batteries instead of throwing them out.  Most of us are so used to the idea of disposing of old batteries that we do not even consider the possibility of reconditioning them.  Reconditioning a battery is not the same as recharging a battery.  When we recondition a battery it means we restore a rechargeable battery back to a usable condition again.

You can recondition all kinds of batteries, even car batteries.    You can recondition Alkaline, Lithium, NiCad, Heavy Duty and NiMH batteries to name a few.  There are many different methods used to restore batteries to almost new condition.  With some research you can learn all the various battery types and the proper procedure for restoring each type.  It is possible to restore these batteries at home with some basic inexpensive instruments.    You will need some equipment such as a 12-volt battery charger, digital multimeter or battery tester.  You may want a smart charger which works much more efficiently than a regular charger.  The procedures are not difficult to learn.  It is necessary to take safety precautions since batteries contain hazardous elements in them.  You will need a well-lit well ventilated area in which to work.  You will need to use gloves and wear protective googles.

There are people who are in the business of reconditioning batteries.  For a fee they will take an old battery and restore it to working condition.  The type battery to be reconditioned and the procedure necessary to perform the task determines the fee charged for the battery reconditioning.

You may be interested in learning how to recondition batteries and start your own business.  You can save other people money by reconditioning their old batteries and saving them the cost of purchasing a new battery.

It’s possible to obtain old batteries that are being discarded and recondition them.  Many car batteries are disposed of and you may be able to pick up some of these free.  Then you can recondition the batteries and resell them for a small profit.

People who have solar systems need batteries for backup power.  These batteries can be expensive to buy new.  If you are able to obtain and recondition old golf cart or fork lift batteries the people with solar systems may be interested in purchasing them.

Not only is it less expensive to use a reconditioned battery instead of purchasing a new one, it is better for the environment if fewer batteries are discarded and sent to the landfill.8_4v_aaa_300mah_ni-cd_rechargeable_battery_pack