Recondition Your Battery For Longer Life

When they are no longer serviceable, millions of batteries are disposed of as junk.  This is done all around the world wherever batteries are used.  The discarded batteries come from cars, golf carts, motorcycles, heavy equipment and include many other types of batteries used for many other purposes.

Batteries become unusable from a process known as sulfation.  Sulfation is a buildup of deposits on the lead plates inside the battery.  When this buildup on the lead plates continues the battery begins to lose its capacity to take and hold a charge.  The battery will eventually reach a point when it is considered dead.

If your battery has a buildup on the lead plates and you attempt to recharge the battery it can only charge to its capacity in its current state, if you can get any charge at all.  Recharging the battery will not remove the deposits accumulated on the lead plates from sulfation.   Recharging a battery and reconditioning a battery are not the same thing.

When you recondition a battery you are removing the harmful deposits on the lead plates.  One way of doing this is to use an additive which helps remove the deposits from the lead plates.  Once the lead plates are clean the battery can be recharged.

There are a few different ways a battery can be reconditioned.  Some people are able to recondition a battery using tools they already own at home.  There are other tools which can be purchased specifically to recondition batteries and they make the process even more streamlined.  Once they have mastered the skills, some people have been able to develop a profitable business reconditioning batteries.

There are some specialized tools designed for reconditioning batteries.  One tool is similar to a battery recharger.  One method is to pre-condition the battery by placing it in a refrigerator before using this tool for reconditioning.  The refrigeration may help make thebreaking up of the deposits on the lead plates easier.

The Nickle Cadmium batteries used in household devices can be reconditioned.  You can cycle these batteries by fully charging them and then fully discharging the batteries completely three times.  In many cases this method will bring the batteries back up to the full capacity.

You want to check your car battery occasionally to be sure it is in good working condition.  Car batteries need to be handles with care.  For your safety be very careful when handling your car battery since these batteries contain harmful chemicals.  When working on a car battery you should wear some protective gear.

You will be saving yourself money if you recondition your batteries. Reconditioning your batteries will enable you to keep and use them much longer.  You will not only save money, but you will also be helping the environment by reducing the number of discarded batteries going as wasteto landfills.8_4v_aaa_300mah_ni-cd_rechargeable_battery_pack