Relationship Compatibility

If we chose the right person to be in a relationship with life would be much happier and less stressful.  If you want to choose the right partner for yourself, you first have to know who you really are.

Occasionally, everyone should sit down and take a hard look at their self and try to see how others view them.  If you know yourself, you will be better able to ensure that anyone you become interested in will have similar interests and attributes.  Think about it.  If you don’t really know who you are at the core, but only who you think are, it will be very hard or impossible to match up with someone who has your same core values.  When you and your partner share the same core values it ensures true compatibility.

To get in contact with your inner self sit down and take some time to make a personal assessment.  Take the time to write out the things you are interested in and the things that are important to you.  For example, are you interested in the environment, children, politics, travel?  Do you like shopping for clothing or household items?  Do you like antiquing?  Do you like visiting museums and historic sites?  Do you like to devote time helping charities?  Are you interested in learning a foreign language and traveling abroad?  Do you like to be around the extended family?  Do you like a neat home environment or do you like a home full of clutter?   There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions.  The questions are simply a way to identify your core values so you can find someone with similar core interests.

After you have completed your own personal assessment sit down and make a list of the traits you think are important in a potential girlfriend or boyfriend.   Is it important to you that your partner goes with you to charity events or to the museum or antique shopping, etc.?  Will you be satisfied to go to events alone while your partner remains at home?  When you are physically attracted to someone it is easy to overlook these differences.  However, eventually the physical attraction will fade and you’ll be left with the core values of your partner.  If the core values of the two of you are not similar the two of you will struggle with your relationship.

If you are lucky enough to meet that special someone at an event you are attending for something you like to do, then you know that this other person shares a similar interest.  For example, if you meet someone participating at a charity event you will know that the two of you have at least one interest in common.

You want your mate to have some overlap in interests with you.  You do not want your mate to be a carbon copy of you as that will get to be boring.  At the end of the day, it is nice if each of you can share your experiences with the other.  If each of you have something unique to yourself that you can share with your partner it can create a new level of bonding.

Compatibility in a relationship is wonderful.  You don’t want a relationship where you and your partner are at verbal odds all the time.  Take the time to try and find a mate who shares your core values.  You will find being in a compatible relationship is an amazing way to go through life.