Relieve Back Pain 

People are sitting too much and this can lead to back pain.  We spend hours commuting to and from work.  Hours sitting at a desk working.  More hours sitting at home in front of the television or the computer.  Finally, it’s time to go to bed and then we get up the next morning with our back still aching and we start the vicious sitting cycle again. 

You may not be able to do much about how long you have to sit.  However, you can do some things to relieve lower back pain.  First, get up frequently and move around.  Occasionally take the time to stretch your back.  Every half hour or hour get up and walk around for 5 minutes. 

Most pain in the back is caused by poor posture.  You can help back pain by improving your posture.  Don’t slouch.  Your chest should be slightly forward, and your shoulders should be slightly back.  Your back should be curved inward, not out.   

You can get relief from back pain with the use of expensive physical therapy or the use of chiropractors.  There are also harsh medicines with chemicals that may be harmful and surgery that may or may not be helpful. 

If you want to avoid all that there are some other options you might try.  There are pain relieving creams over the counter with a natural ingredient called Capsaicin that may help lessen your pain.   

Another way to relieve back pain is to use ice packs and heating pads.  Most people probably use the heating pad and don’t think about using an ice pack.  The heating pad is more comfortable, but the ice pack will reduce inflammation and swelling.  

If you are dehydrated that can have an impact on your back pain.  You should drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty.  The best way to check if you are consuming enough water is to check the color of your urine. If it is light yellow you are okay, if it is dark yellow you need to drink more. Staying hydrated can help lower back pain. 

Doing some exercises or stretches can help relieve back pain.  If you have severe back problems, check with your medical professional before starting any exercises. 

When you are doing stretches carry them out in a slow fashion and don’t bounce.  You should hold the stretch for 8-10 seconds.  When you stretch do not go beyond the point of discomfort.  If you feel pain, then you should stop because you have gone too far. 

For lower back pain relief try the pelvic tilt.   This exercise will help strengthen your lumbar, abs and lower back.  Start by lying on the floor face up.  Bend your legs at the knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor.  Imagine that your stomach is being pushed to the floor and the lower back is being made flat with the floor.  As you flatten your lumbar and lower back each time it is considered a stretch. 

Another exercise is the knee to chest stretch.  Start as you did with the pelvic tilt and slowly pull one knee toward your chest.  As you do this motion your hip and lower back will stretch.  Hold the knee to the chest for 8 seconds.  Now do the other knee.  This stretch is beneficial for the nerves that exit your spinal column area. 

The hamstring stretch will help to lessen tension on your lower back by pulling on it less.  Start by lying face up on the floor with your legs straight.  Lift one leg straight up.  If necessary, you can use a towel under the leg to help pull your leg up.  Hold this pose for 8 seconds and then switch to the other leg. 

Do each of the stretching exercises 5 times.  After completing your exercises you should be feeling some pain relief. 

Don’t overlook the way you lay when sleeping as a reason for your back pain.  If you are waking up with a stiff back the way you are sleeping could be the problem.  Lying on your side with a pillow tucked between your knees is the best sleep position.  Sleeping on a soft bed may cause your spine to bend in an unnatural position and it will not give you the support you need to relieve lower back pain.