Relieve Stress 

If you are dealing with stress in your life, exercise may help you. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which help you relax and become more at ease.  This results in a feeling like euphoria. 

Exercising on a regular basis releases these endorphins and helps calm the feeling of stress you may be experiencing.   This good feeling will stay with you long after you have completed your exercises for the day.  When you exercise you get rid of any pent-up frustration you may feel and this helps relieve your stress.   

When you exercise on a regular basis you can relieve your stress in a safe, healthy manner.  You can get relief from the stress in a natural way by engaging in some constructive exercise such as running.  When you are angry, doing some high intensity exercise can make you feel much better. Converting angry energy into a physical workout can melt away a great deal of stress and anger. 

Another good reason to incorporate regular exercise into your routine is that as you work out you realize a higher self-esteem.  When we feel insecure we are on a low simmer and on a high alert most of the time.  Sometimes the stress we face is self-induced.  Perhaps our own insecurity and doubt is causing the stress.  You can use exercise to improve mental well being and your physical self and lessen the doubts and insecurities contributing to your stress. 

Both men and women have problems with stress.  However, women sometimes appear to have a little more stress in their lives.  They are dealing with the demands of work and home coming at them from all directions.  It can be a lot for any person to handle at one time, so it is important to learn to handle the demands and the stress. 

As mentioned before, regular exercise is a good way to help relieve and control stress.  There are some other stress relieving techniques that can help relieve stress right away. 

First. Realize it is okay to say no.  Often women forget to care for themselves and instead attempt to please and take care of those around them.  Many times women are the primary care givers in the household.  They often feel that if they don’t jump to take care of everyone they are letting those around them down.  Learn that you need to take care of yourself before you can help others.  Learn to say no. It is one of the most important lessons you can learn. 

When you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated take a walk.  Take yourself for a walk, a hike, a jog, a swim or a bike ride.  Take some time to exercise and blow off steam.  This will keep you healthy. Exercise is a great way to work off stress. 

Finally, take some time for yourself.  Find a little time to do the things you want to do without feeling guilty.  Make some time to relax with a coffee, to meet with friends, or to have a massage, a manicure or a haircut.  You’ve earned a little time, so do something for yourself without feeling any guilt. 

If you feel good about yourself. If you feel confident and in control, you are less likely to get stressed over the everyday ups and downs of life.  When you relieve stress you will notice many benefits.  You will experience lower blood pressure and a raise in your spirits.  The other members of your family will be happier when there is less stress in the household.