Reverse Your Bad Diet

Are you eating a diet that is bad for you?  Do you often feel tired, listless, confused?  These can all be signs that your diet is not what is should be.  You probably already realize that your eating habits are not as healthy as they should be.  You realize that you should try to improve these habits.

Changing to a healthier style of eating is not always easy.  Especially in the beginning it may be hard to stick with a healthier eating program.  This can be especially true during the holiday season or on special occasions.

Many people think eating healthy will cost more money for the food and the food will take longer to prepare.  Once you get in the habit of eating healthy you will find you are not spending more money for food and preparing it is not a long process.  Purchasing some fresh or frozen produce is not going to be any more expensive than cakes, sodas and/ or chips and candy.  Frozen processed foods which contain little nutritional value, and often  contain ingredients you cannot even pronounce,  are not cheap either.

Although you probably already know this, it is worth repeating.  Your healthy diet should include real foods.  Fruits and vegetables provide needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  All fruits and vegetables are good for you.  It is best if you eat fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of colors.

You want to give your body a dose of Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your brain, your heart and your skin.  Some foods which contain Omega-3 fatty acids include oily fish such as salmon, herring and tuna.  You don’t want to overdo your consumption of tuna because of its possible mercury contents.

Include some dairy in your diet each day.  Enjoy some milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, or cheese.  Lean protein is another important part of a healthy diet.  Bake, broil, or grill some chicken or other lean meats.  Be sure to include fiber in your eating plan.  Fiber helps you to feel full and will help keep your calorie count down.  It is recommended that most women take in at least 25 grams of fiber each day while men should get at least 38 grams of fiber daily.  Eating enough fiber will help to keep your bowel movements regular.

Although it is not food drinking water is extremely important for your health.  Ditch the soda and other sugary drinks and substitute water instead.  Water helps flush impurities from your system, helps to keep you feeling full, and, most important, water keeps you hydrated.

One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to eat healthy is to not skip meals.  When you skip meals you run the risk of becoming too hunger and reaching for something at hand which is quick, but may not be healthy, to satisfy that hunger.  Another important tip is to eat breakfast daily.  Skipping breakfast will lower your metabolism. If you eat breakfast you will start to burn more calories during the day.

Changing from a bad diet to a healthier diet will not be easy.  However, the rewards of looking better, enjoying better health, more energy and an  improved sense of wellbeing are the rewards you will notice when you switch to a healthier eating program.