Review Of Aldi: What You Need To Know


If you are looking for a store where prices are reasonable and you can navigate the store in a short period of time you may want to consider shopping at Aldi.

Aldi was founded in Germany by the Albrecht brothers and their first stores to come into the United States were in 1976.  They have gradually opened more stores through the succeeding years.

The concept for the Aldi stores is to sell a limited number of groceries and basic household items for a lower price.  They do not carry name brand products or a wide variety of a single item.  Instead, they carry mainly their own house brands. Carrying fewer products limits the expense of  having a large supply chain and multiple delivery systems.  They do carry their own brands of the most popular items.

Aldi uses other methods to help keep expenses lower.  When you take a shopping cart at Aldi you need to put a quarter in the slot to unlock the cart.  When you return the shopping cart your quarter is returned to you.  This also keeps the carts from being left all over the parking lost.

Aldi does not accept checks or credit cards.  Payment is either in cash or by debit card.

After you have finished shopping you bag your own groceries.  You either take bags with you to the store or you may purchase the bags at Aldi.  They do not furnish free grocery bags.

Fresh fruit at Aldi is pre-packaged to make it easier at checkout.

Pedestrians pass an Aldi supermarket in the North Finchley district of London. The chain is currentl

The stores do not have a bakery, a butcher or a deli counter.

Aldi does carry some natural and organic products now and the prices are considerably lower than at other stores while the quality is fine.

Stocking your pantry with stapes such as spices, baking supplies, grains, soups, canned fruits and vegetables, etc. will be a boost to the family budget.

There are extra special deals in the meat counter mid-week.

Aldi carries a selection of snack foods, meat, poultry, frozen foods, milk, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, rolls,  paper products, coffee, teas, pet food, laundry products, cleanings supplies and much more.  There are special food items featured from time to time.  These may be something that is available for a short time and then it is gone.

They also have special items on sale on a regular basis which may range from a flowerpot to a slow cooker.

The  Aldi stores appear clean.  The aisles are wide enough so you can maneuver easily and the stores are small enough to be convenient to use.

If you have never tried Aldi you should..  The products are excellent and the prices are very reasonable.  Go with an open mind and try their own brands.  You will probably enjoy them as much, if not more,However, even if you have good credit if you incur a large medical bill you are unable to pay and the bill is sent on to a collelction agency your good credit rating is going to go down.

than some higher priced label items you have been purchasing.

Shopping at Aldi is an excellent way to save both time and money.