Review Of Homicide Hunter – Lt. Joe Kenda

Joe Kenda

Presently the new episodes of Homicide Hunter air on the ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel at 10pm est on Tuesday night.  Older episodes of the show are shown throughout the week and at times ID runs a Homicide Hunter marathon.

Homicide Hunter is a detective show set in Colorado Springs Colorado featuring cases solved by Lt. Joe Kenda.  I’m not sure if these are depictions of actual cases or not.

Lt. Kenda is a retired police detective who was the commander of the major crime unit in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the time of his retirement.  He has solved over 90% of the cases in which he was involved including over 400 murders over the course of his career.


Lt. Kenda is an unlikely television star.  He is an older gentleman with gray hair and a very dry manner of speaking.  He narrates the show in his moderate unassuming voice.  His voice never becomes excited or anxious no matter what happens.  In fact, Lt. Kenda’s manner of speaking is reminiscent of the original Joe Friday in the Dragnet series of long ago.  If you are old enough to have been a fan of Jack Web and the original Dragnet shows you should really enjoy watching Homicide Hunter.

The Homicide Hunter shows are well written and done very well.  A young actor portrays a younger Lt. Kenda during the episodes while the actual Lt. Kenda does the narration.

Homicide Hunter is one of the better detective shows on TV.  There is not a lot of excess violence or profanity or sex.  Instead it is a no nonsense depiction of police solving a case using insight, logic and experience.  After working as a detective for so many years Lt. Kenda knows how the criminal mind works and can determine if a suspect is telling the truth or not.

It comes across during the show that the detective, Lt. Joe Kenda, really cares about his victim and that solving the case for them is truly important to him.

Many who have watched an episode of Homicide Hunter with Lt. Joe Kenda have become addicted to the show.  It is that good.