Review Of Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan


The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan is easy to follow and does promote weight loss.  With the Jenny Craig plan you will be purchasing and eating their prepackaged meals which will be delivered to your door.  These meals are tasty and well balanced.

In addition to learning a healthy way to eat you will be encouraged to engage in some moderate exercise most days of the week,

The Jenny Craig meals provide the recommended daily amounts of protein, fats, fiber and carbohydrates.  They may exceed the daily recommended amount of salt which is below 2,300 milligrams daily for most people.  Those people who are older or have kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure should be consuming even less salt.  Jenny Craig recommends taking a daily supplement to help meet the necessary daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

On the Jenny Craig Plan you will learn to recognize proper portion sizes.  There are approximately 70 different prepackaged meals from which to choose.  The meals are low in calories.  You can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables and some low fat dairy products.

When you begin your plan you will be eating mainly the Jenny Craig prepackaged meals.  This makes preparation and planning meals convenient and easy and eliminates many of the trips to the grocery store.


Once you are about halfway to your goal weight you will start preparing a few of your own meals.  After you have reached your goal weight you will  replace the prepackaged meals with home cooked meals for the next four week.

In addition to providing healthy prepackaged meals with the Jenny Craig Plan you also have access to your own Jenny Craig health consultant.  There can be in person meetings at the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center or regular consultations can be by phone or online.

As a member of the Jenny Craig system you will have access to their online member forums, blogs and chats.  You can also do your food and exercise tracking online.

The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan can be expensive.  In addition to the cost of the prepackaged meals which may run around $100 per week there is either an enrollment fee plus a monthly fee or you may pay a higher monthly fee with no enrollment fee.  The plan you choose determines how many times each week you consult with your health consultant.

If after completing the plan  you stay within 5 pounds of your goal weight for  at least one year you get half of your initial registration fee back.

The Jenny Craig Weight Loss plan is safe and one of the best weight loss plans available today.  The plan offers advise and encouragement in addition to teaching you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It receives high marks from experts and health care professionals.