Rid Yourself Of Writers Block

Everyone who writes will at some time encounter writers block.  No matter how much you want to write you simply are experiencing a dry spell and cannot come up with any ideas.  You will sit in front of the computer and you are not able to put any words together that make sense for the article you need to write.  You may become more and more frustrated.

There will be times when a writer’s mind is energetic and full of ideas.  Then you can easily write.  The words and ideas just seem to simply come out of nowhere.  Sometimes it is hard to get your racing thoughts down in a timely fashion.  At other times your mind will draw a blank.  This is especially discouraging if you have an impending deadline for a project that needs completion.

To try and keep the slow dry times to a minimum you might want to try one or more of these simple tips.

If you are writing on a topic that interest you or a topic about which you are knowledgeable it is much easier.  When you know your subject, you feel comfortable putting words together on the topic.  Writing about an unknown topic is hard.   If you are trying to write about a subject you are unfamiliar with it may help if you do some research at the library or on line so you feel more comfortable writing about the topic.

If you know an expert who is willing to discuss the subject it might help to talk with him and get some insight and ideas.  Once the topic is more familiar to you and your feel more comfortable with the subject matter, writing the article should go more smoothly.

If you need to write, but have no particular topic in mind you want to brainstorm.  If you do not have the inspiration to even decide on a theme to start your article it may help to take a stroll.  A nice stroll outdoors where you can enjoy the trees, shrubs and grass will help clear your mind.  Focus on the birds and the small animals such as the squirrels.  You might be someone who likes exercise like jogging or biking or swimming.  Engage in one of these activities if you enjoy them.   You want to go wherever you feel relaxed.  Feeling relaxed can allow some thought to enter your mind which may inspire you to write the article you need.

When starting to compose a new article begin an outline with a sentence on the topic first.  Then add several short sentences for the key points you want include.  Go back and expand each of these points into one or more paragraphs.

Finally add a paragraph as a conclusion at the end to bring all the points together and complete your article.

When you have finished your article put it on the side and forget about it for a few hours or overnight.  Then go back, read your article, and make any changes, corrections or improvements you feel are needed.

Following the tips outline above may help you push through a case of writers block and enable you to get on with your writing project.