Saving Your Relationship

The beginning of a relationship is a happy time.  The two of you are in love and you both feel the excitement in the air.  You think that this new feeling is going to last forever.

Then comes that first fight between the two of you and you feel awful because the new exciting feeling that everything is wonderful is fading.  Now you start to feel devastated because you are afraid your relationship is in trouble.

When you start to see trouble in the relationship it is not the time to act irrationally or to panic.  This may be the time when you either make or break the relationship.  If you want to keep the relationship then you might want to consider some of these tips.

You cannot fix a problem unless you know what the problem is.  Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to recognize the problem.  Keep in mind that every relationship is going to have its problems.  Some problems will be small other problems will be bigger.  It is these big problems that may wreck your relationship if they are not resolved.  Even the nagging little problems need to be addressed and resolved since over time they can build up and become a big problem.  If you truly want to save your relationship and you truly love your partner then it is important that the two of you identify any problems and find a way to work through them.

You cannot solve a problem if you do not talk with your partner about it.  A relationship is a joint commitment and one person cannot solve all the problems alone.  If there is a problem don’t try to resolve it by yourself.  Instead, sit down and talk with your partner and see if the two of you can work together to solve the problem and save the relationship.

For a relationship to work the two parties need to be in love with each other.  Love is a very powerful tool and you should be able to use this tool to save your relationship if the two of you love each other.  If the two of you are no longer in love, even if only one of you has fallen out of love, then it is probably time to end the relationship and say goodbye.  However, if there is still love between the two of you there is still hope for the relationship to continue.

Sometimes a couple is not able to repair their relationship without help.  Talking with a third party such as parents or a counselor may help.  They can offer advice and assistance if the problems are too big for the two of you to handle alone.

Keep in mind that love is a two-way street.  Both partners in a relationship need to feel love toward each other.  Both partners need to be committed to saving the relationship.  If one partner no longer wants to be in the relationship there is no way you can force him or her to stay and there is no way the relationship is going to succeed.  If there is still love between the two of you then be calm and look rationally at the problems and work together to solve the issues hurting your relationship.