Sell Your Crafts On Amazon

If you are a crafter looking for a place to sell you special items, you may want to consider selling on Amazon.  Amazon is a great place for you to showcase your one of a kind crafts to millions of people.  A feature on their site has been added to provide access for you to sell your handmade items on Amazon.

Selling your crafts on Amazon is easy.  The company provides rewards for you and will help you to make your business easier to manage.  Their helpful assistance makes it less stressful for you.

First you will need to be sure that your items meet the definition of handmade as set forth by Amazon.  Their definition is just as it sounds.  The item must be handmade by either you or, if you have any, one of your employees.  Before you can set up your page and sell on Amazon you will need to apply to them to ascertain that you can sell your products through them.

Once you have been accepted by Amazon to sell on their site you will need to set up a page to tell everyone about yourself and your products.  This is your Artisan Profile page and it is how you will connect to your customers.  In addition, you will want to set up pages for each individual product you are selling so customers can view (and hopefully purchase)  the fantastic handmade one of a kind items you have for sale.

After you have set up your website you can begin selling your crafts to the millions of people who visit the Amazon site each and every day.  Amazon has some customization features that customers can use to explore your homemade crafts.  It is free to place a listing and the listing never expires.

The crafts you want to sell should fit into one of the current specified categories.  At present these categories include jewelry,party supplies, stationery, home products such as art, bedding, furniture, lighting, storage, and organization, as well as products for the patio, lawn and garden.  Amazon is working to add more categories in the coming months.

Some benefits of selling on Amazon include:

  1. Selling your crafts on Amazon will get them noticed by millions of people worldwide
  2. If you have a question or problem, Amazon customer service is there to help if you either by email support or by phone.
  3. You’ll be able to spend more time working on your crafts since Amazon makes it very easy to manage your business. The hassle-free tools provided by Amazon will create more time for you to craft and less stress managing your business.
  4. If a customer is interested in a custom order it will be easy for your customer to find what they want on your website thanks to Amazon’s new features.
  5. When you join the Associates program you will get 10% back on Amazon sales produced from your personal website.

Amazon fees for selling on their site are very reasonable and easy and include discounted shipping, protection against fraud, marketing and payment processing.  Check the Amazon website for current fees.JJDm3JEIeQvTHlR678LW_JVPGov_zAGkz1gyknVpe0A,KL429J2HTDM8h5nrQS9hHGHSSREGWnDIMb7u6AJysxU,kw5AFJapvARfKVqZaDdUDVCV2X05VH8ByVEAOZNBYnQ