Services Of A Chiropractor

chiroChiropractors practice a form of alternative medicine which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of  mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  They emphasize manual therapy to restore and enhance joint functions.  The chiropractor will use methods they feel will reduce the pain and inflammation in the joints without the use of drugs or surgery.  Traditional chiropractic care assumes spine problems interfere with the body’s general functions.

Many people seek the services of a chiropractor for relief from lower back pain.  Spinal manipulation by the chiropractor has helped many relieve this pain.  Lower back pain is only one of the many reasons to consult a chiropractor.  Other problems they treat are neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, headaches, frozen shoulders. osteoarthritis, pinched nerves,  plantar fasciitis and many more problems.

There are many chiropractic treatment options.  Each practitioner favors several options that he will use in his practice.  In fact, if you visit several different chiropractors you may receive several different forms of treatment.

The chiropractor’s office has different types of exam tables and chairs which are used for specific types of treatments.

The chiropractor will often use his hands to apply force to misaligned joints.

Basically there are three popular techniques for spinal manipulation treatments.  With a diversified technique the chiropractor applies a short quick thrust on misaligned joints one at a time in a effort to restore range of motion.

A second method is to locate a joint which is out of line and then adjust the body to best treat it.

The third method known as the Drop is carried out on a special treatment table.  Sections of the table will drop a short distance while the chiropractor makes quick short movements on top of the affected joint.  The drop of the table encourages joint movement.

Spine mobilization is another main kind of adjustment.  It may be a more gentle option.  At times a spring loaded manual tool gives a low force impulse.  While the patient is on the exam table the chiropractor tests the muscles and hip alignment using the tool.

The chiropractor may use gentle adjustments to adjust the vertebrae by applying gentle stretches to the lower spine.

Another technique if for the chiropractor to apply gentler pressure with his fingertips to separate misaligned vertebrae and restores it back to a natural position.

Manipulating the spine is not the only treatment method used by chiropractors.  They also do adjunctive therapy which can include applying heat and cold to fatigued nerves and using electrical stimulation and ultrasounds to relax tense muscles.

Many chiropractors offer advise for lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling and exercises to improve the patient’s health.

When you consult with a chiropractor you need to explain your symptoms and discuss treatment preferences.  Then after a thorough exam the chiropractor will suggest the best treatment program for you.