Should People Have A Set Morning Routine?


For too many people mornings are the most hectic stressful time of the day. They hit the snooze button on the alarm and roll out of bed already fifteen minutes behind schedule. Then at about the same time the spouse and children get up and the mad rush starts. Breakfast needs to be prepared and quickly eaten. Lunches need to be prepared and packed. Everyone needs to get dressed and rush out of the house.

It is no surprise that by the time you arrive at work you are already stressed and feel over whelmed. Often the days only go downhill from here.

Wouldn’t it be better if you developed a daily routine so most mornings could be handled without all that stress. If your day starts out good chances are good the balance of the day will also go well.

Start by setting your alarm to allow a little quiet time for yourself in the morning. Get up and relax with a cup of fresh coffee which is ready made because it was set up the previous night in a programmable coffeepot.

Take these quiet few minutes to reflect on your coming day. Determine what task is most important for you to accomplish and focus as much attention as possible on that task during your day.

good morning womans with cup of fragrant coffee

Engage in a few stretching and light exercises to wake up your body. Both your mind and body are ready to come to life early if you let them.

After devoting these few minutes to yourself then its time for the rest of the family to get up. You have the time to make a nutritious healthy breakfast and eat it without rushing. Lunches are made and packed. Everyone dresses and goes off to school or work.

While getting a family ready for the day can be a hectic time it will be much less stressful if you are more relaxed and if everyone knows what routine is expected to be followed.

People who are successful in life make the most of their mornings. They follow a ritual that is right for then.

Everyone will have to determine what is important for their morning ritual. It might be mediation, or prayer, or exercise, or watching the sunrise – whatever works for you.

The morning is the time to think about your goals and how to achieve them.

If you are not someone who likes arising early you will have to work on it. Find some way to get up early enough to allow time to follow your ritual. You may have to gradually get up a little earlier each day till you reach your starting time goal.

It is important to get in the habit of following your morning routine on a daily basis. Starting morning out right gives you the foundation to handle whatever you need to accomplish for the balance of the day.