Some Helpful Household Tips

hosueHere are some household tips you may have forgotten or maybe you never knew.

Uses for vinegar:

Eliminate odors in plastic containers by wiping with a cloth dampened with vinegar.

To clean the refrigerator wipe with a solution of one half vinegar and one half water.

Use vinegar to wash windows and clean mirrors.

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach to shower head which has built up residue.  Let sit overnight and in the morning presto – a clean showerhead.

Spray full strength vinegar to kill bathroom germs and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Uses for mayonnaise:

Clean dirty piano keys by applying mayonnaise then waiting a few minutes and finally wiping off with a cloth.

Cover crayon marks on walls with mayonnaise.  Let sit 5 or 10 minutes and wipe off with cloth.

If you have a ring stuck on your finger rub mayonnaise on it and it will slip right off.

As a hair conditioner massage mayonnaise into scalp and then rinse hair.

Remove water stains from wood by dabbing mayonnaise on the area with a towel.  Let it sit a few minutes and then wipe off.

Uses for Alka Seltzer:

To clean the toilet drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets, wait twenty minutes and then brush the toilet and flush.

To clean jewelry drop two Alka Seltzer tablets in glass of water and immerse jewelry for two minutes then rinse.

To clean a dirty thermos bottle fill it with water and drop in three Alka Seltzer tablets then let it sit for several hours before rinsing.

To unclog a drain drop three Alka Seltzer tablets down the drain then a cup of white vinegar.  Wait a few minutes and run hot water through the drain.

To remove a stain from a glass vase fill it with water, drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets and let it sit a few minutes before rinsing.


Use salt to remove fish odors from your hands.

Remove odors from wooden cutting boards by pouring on salt then rubbing lightly with a damp cloth and finally washing in warm soapy water.

Clean artificial flowers by pouring some salt into a paper bag.  Add the flowers and shake vigorously.  The salt will absorb the dust and dirt and leave the flowers looking like new.

Use the water from cooking corn on the cob or potatoes or pasta to water plants.

Use a can opener to open blister packs.

Freeze leftover wine, tomato paste or sauce or broth in ice cube trays and use later for flavor in cooking.

Use toothpaste to clear hazy car headlights.