Some Romantic Things To Do To Let Your Boyfriend Know He Is Special

We all know that it is important to keep the romance alive in a relationship.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea to let your boyfriend know that he is a special person in your life.

The lingerie ads always suggest that the way to keep your boyfriend interested is by wearing new sexy lingerie.  This will work, but there are other ways to show your boyfriend how important he is to you.  You may want to do something romantic for him for a special occasion, or you may want to do something romantic for him for no reason except that you love him –  which is the most important reason of all.

Here are some romantic ideas you may want to consider.  You are the one who can decide if one of these ideas will please your boyfriend.

  1. Get all dressed up, set the mood with candlelight and soft music and prepare his favorite meal.
  2. If he likes to learn about and try various types of wine take him to a vineyard for a wine tasting event.
  3. Be sure to give him a warm kiss whenever the two of you are going parating. Never part from each other with cross words between you.
  4. Put a love note in his briefcase, lunchbox or backpack so he will be surprised and pleased when he finds it during the day. He will know you are thinking about him.
  5. If he is the kind of guy who enjoys a massage give him a gift certificate for a massage, or better still give him a massage yourself.
  6. Purchase tickets for the two of you to see his favorite sports team in action. If you are not really into the sport, going with him to the game will show how much you love being with him.
  7. Even if you don’t really like them, spend some time playing video games with your boyfriend if he enjoys doing this. This is a good way to let him know what he likes to do is important to you and you want to participate in things he enjoys.
  8. The two of you can spend some special quiet time together if you take your boyfriend stargazing or on a romantic picnic.
  9. Take a long walk together along the beach in the moonlight.
  10. Plan a daytrip where you just drive or ride a bus, get off wherever you want, try a new restaurant and enjoy whatever adventure comes your way that day.
  11. Plan a daytrip for the two of you with a low budget. See what the two of you can do for under $50 for the day.  It will be fun exploring ways to have fun and not spend a bunch of money.
  12. It might be fun if you sign the two of you up for a class to enjoy together. Perhaps the two of you might like a cooking class, a painting class, dancing class or some other type class.
  13. Spend a weekend at home. Just the two of you watching TV, listening to music, relaxing in bed and enjoying each others company.  Forget about the outside world and devote the weekend to each other.
  14. If he is someone who will not be embarrassed, send him flowers at work. He’ll be flattered by the attention and it will let everyone in the office know he is important to you.

These are just a few ideas you might consider if you want to do something romantic for your boyfriend.  You know him best so you will know what he will like.  You can probably think of more ideas to please him.