Some Tips For Eating Healthy During Holidays 

The holiday season is just around the corner.  This means that it is going to start getting harder to eat healthy.  If you are trying to lose weight it will make it even more challenging. There are so many temptations.  Here are a few simple tricks to help you stay on track. 

There are things you can do to try and stay healthy during the holidays.  If you know you are going out to splurge on eating a holiday meal, then you can help reduce some of the bad side effects of this splurge by working out a little harder.  If you usually workout for 30 minutes, try to do a little extra and increase your workout to 45 minutes or more. 

If you splurge one day and eat too much or eat things you shouldn’t then get right back on track.   Each morning begins a new day to get right back to your healthy eating pattern.  One day here and there isn’t going to undo all your hard work.  Just make sure these splurges do not happen too often. 

If you are going out to eat and fear you will be tempted to overindulge in rich foods one thing you might do is to eat a snack before leaving home.  Some fruit, a few vegetables, a couple crackers – anything so you are not starving when you get to your party.  If you are not too hungry you can resist some temptations.  Sample a variety of items that appeal to you and don’t load your plate with a huge portion.  If you plan to indulge in some alcohol beverages cut the calories by drinking one glass of water between each alcoholic drink. 

Primarily, a healthy diet will consist of eating mainly natural foods.  Try staying away from eating too many processed foods.  Many prepared foods contain lots of preservatives and sodium.  It is usually healthier to make your meals from scratch using natural ingredients.  In fact, you might want to take it up a notch and include more organic foods in your diet.  More and more stores are carrying numerous organic products. 

Go easy on the white stuff like white rice, pasta or bread.  These foods don’t add much to your diet except weight on your hips.  Instead choose healthier whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice. 

Be careful when you are drinking fruit juices.  In many cases you are adding hundreds of extra calories each day from the fruit juices you are consuming.  To get the benefit of healthy fruit with fewer calories eat a piece of whole fruit like an apple, pear or orange, etc. 

Be sure to drink plenty of water.  Water will keep you hydrated and will make you feel more full so you won’t want to eat as much.  Keep in mind that when you start to feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.  Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day is recommended. 

Eating healthy does not have to be burdensome.  Making a few simple changes in your daily diet can have a big impact.  The holiday season is not the time to deprive yourself of all the festive food offerings.  Just be mindful of what you are eating and the size of the portion.  Only splurge on special occasions. If it is not something special stick with your regular healthy eating program.