Some Tips For Men And Women Who Are Extremely Obese

A great many people today are considered overweight.  When you are more than overweight you fall into the category of the extremely obese (or morbidly obese).  This is usually determined by your body mass index or BMI.  If your body mass index is 39% or higher you are considered morbidly or extremely obese.

Everyone is aware that being overweight can cause many health problems.  Being extremely overweight makes you more apt to suffer more severe and more frequent health problems.  Extreme obesity can lead to heart problems, stroke, diabetes and many other health issues.

If you are extremely obese you don’t want to give up.   You want to seek help for your problem so you can take control of your life and get down to a healthy lifesaving weight.

Many people eat when they are depressed or upset or feel lonely.  You want to determine what causes you to overeat and continue this bad habit.  Before you decide how to address your problem of obesity you should try to determine its cause.

The first step in your search for a way to get rid of some of your excess weight is to consult with your health care professional.  You need to consult with your medical professional to determine if you are healthy enough to engage in any exercise. Exercise and diet play important roles for anyone trying to lose weight.  It is not going to be quick and easy to get down to a healthy weight using diet and exercise, but this is a safe way to accomplish this task.  You are not going on a diet or short-term exercise plan.  Instead you are making lifestyle changes in the way you eat and your activity level.  Don’t look at the diet and exercise as something you will discontinue when you hit goal weight.  Plan to continue healthy eating and physical activity for the rest of your life.

You need to get the ok from your health professional to begin exercising and then you need to start slow.  Begin by taking short walks.  Another idea is the hire a personal trainer to tailor activities to your specific limitations (a trainer may also keep you motivated).

There is prescription medication which some obese people have taken to help lose weight.  Again, this is not a magic bullet or a quick fix.  Your health professional will need to prescribe the medication and then continue to monitor your health.  Using medication for a short time to kick start your weight loss program may help.  However, you do not want to depend on weight loss medication for a long time because of the possible side effects.  If you decide to take medication for weight loss think of it as a temporary thing just to get you started.

There are some surgical remedies for obesity.  Bariatric weight loss surgery has helped some morbidly obese people lose their unhealthy weight. Bariatric surgery is expensive and as weight any surgery it comes with the possible risk of complications.

If you can do it the best way to get rid of your excess weight is by improving your diet and adding physical activity to your daily routine.  If you do need the extra help there are the other options available to you.  The important thing that extremely obese people need to remember is that it is not the method you use to lose your weight, it is that you commit to sticking with whatever weight loss program you decide is best for you.  Be sure to consult and work with your medical professional.  You deserve a long, healthy life.