Some Tips For Organizing Your Home

Once you get rid of the clutter and organize your home you will feel much better and will be able to maintain your clutter free home with simple daily chores.  Here are a few ideas to help you get organized.

Begin getting rid of the clutter in the rooms that you use every day and the ones that greet you when you walk into the home.  This means organize your kitchen, entrance hall and family rooms first.  Then move on to the other rooms such as the bedrooms, office and then the garage.  You want to organize places like the hall closet, bedroom closets and bureau drawers, but these can wait until the rooms are organized and clutter free.

You want to decide on a place in your home for each item.  This way the family members will know exactly where to look for an item they need and where to put it back so it can be found easily the next time it is needed.

Keep items that are used frequently within easy reach and store them near the place where they will be needed.

Establish a central place where mail is sorted and have a trash can accessible so junk mail can be tossed immediately and not accumulate into an unsightly pile.

Either have hooks near the entry to hang keys and your purse or a shelf or basket so each time you come in the house you can put these items away and know exactly where to retrieve them when you are going back out.

If you and your family borrow books or other material from the library have one defined place for storing these items so you will not need to search the house when it is time to return them.

Observe where things have a habit of accumulating in your home and then decide on a nearby spot when these things can be kept.  Shelves, baskets or folders can work well to store this stuff.

Make it a habit to get rid of one thing in the home whenever you bring in a new item.

When you go upstairs take whatever items need to go upstairs with you and put the items away in the proper place.

When you are sorting bureau drawers use dividers for tiny items and for socks, lingerie and underwear to keep these items organized and separated.

Use this same method to keep your kitchen drawers and cabinets organized.  If you have everything sorted and organized you will save lots of time since you will not need to search the drawers or cabinets to find a particular item.

Rid your home of things you no longer want and no longer need.  You may be able to give these items to a friend or family member or you can donate the items to a charity or sell them online or have a yard or garage sale.  Just get unused unwanted items out of your house and reduce the clutter and regain the valuable space.

Organize your coupons and go through them monthly and discard the expired coupons.

Return excess plastic grocery bags to the store to be recycled.

Go through your refrigerator and pantry and get rid of outdated, expired or spoiled foods.

Keep in mind that if you have children in the home there is going to be some clutter.  However, you can rein in and corral the toys, etc. and keep the clutter to a minimum.