Sorority Recruitment

Although the official term is sorority recruitment, the term used by most people is sorority rush.  This is the time when many college women are dreaming of being welcomed into the sorority of their choice.  It is a time for these young hopeful women to experience the hope, excitement, curiosity and apprehension related to the sorority rush season.

At this time of year two things take place.  The woman is hoping to be asked to join the sorority to which she wants to belong.  A sorority she feels will match with her personality, skills and interests. On the other hand, the sorority sisters want to be sure the new members they recruit will be able to carry on the values, traditions and activities of the sorority.

To match the right girl and the right sorority takes time.  At many large school’s groups of potential new members will visit every chapter house or meeting room.  They may spend twenty or thirty minutes at each place.  It is possible to visit as many as sixteen sororities over the course of two days. During this first round it is hard to remember everything you see or hear.

The sisters at the sorority houses will have an equal dilemma to handle.  After meeting with many potential new members from the group sessions, they will need to determine which potential new members they want to invite back.

The potential new member needs to bear in mind that first impressions count.  As that old saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  Here are a few tips that may help you make a good first impression.

Decide what you will say and practice in front of a mirror.  On the day of your sorority parties, before going to the sorority house be sure you eat a good breakfast and try to get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Plan your wardrobe in advance.  You need to skip anything that is short, tight or low-cut.  You will be safe if you dress as if you were going to meet the mother of your boyfriend for the first time.  Keep you look polished and simple.  You want to look nice, but you also want to feel comfortable.  Low heeled shoes will be more comfortable since you may be doing a lot of walking.  Keep your jewelry simple.  Earrings are good as well as a bracelet and necklace.

Since you may be going from one sorority house to another pack some items so you can refresh your makeup if needed.  You may want to carry your essentials in a waterproof tote to leave outside since you cannot bring anything in to most parties.

A good idea is to jot down your impressions of each sorority immediately after each party.  These notes will help you later when you try to decide which sorority you want to join.

When you are meeting with the sorority sisters keep in mind that people enjoy talking about themselves.  They will appreciate it if you remember their name and use it when speaking with them.  Ask the sisters about their majors and why they chose that field, ask what it is like to be a sister in this sorority, ask why she chose this college.  Listen to her answers and pick up on anything the two of you may have in common.

Keep eye contact with the person to whom you are speaking.  Avoid the urge to look around the room for someone else to talk with even if the person speaking is boring you to tears.

Talk about yourself in a friendly positive way.  You want to let them know that you are an active involved person.  Mention things you feel are important to you and talk about your achievements.  You do not want to brag or boast about any of your accomplishments.