Stamp Collecting 

Stamp collecting is a hobby that has been around ever since the first stamp was issued in England in 1840. One of the earliest indications of stamp collecting is when a young woman placed an advertisement in the local paper for used stamps so she could use the stamps to wallpaper a room. 

Stamp collecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, the young and the old and everyone in between.  Unfortunately, today many younger people no longer have any interest in collecting stamps. 

There are no rules for collecting stamps.  Some people collect stamps on a particular theme or from a particular country.  Some people collect unused (new) stamps and others collect cancelled (used) stamps.  

If you are starting a collection of new stamps you can purchase unused stamps from the post office.  If you are collecting used stamps they will be less expensive and, in some cases, will cost you nothing. 

Some collectors collect stamps by topic.  They may collect stamps featuring boats or ships, they may concentrate on stamps featuring flowers, they may want stamps with cars or athletes.  Other popular themes are birds, butterflies, cats, space, art, chess and famous people. They may concentrate on stamps from a certain country. 

If you are collecting all varieties of a single stamp or are collecting stamps used for a special purpose it is called specialized stamp collecting. 

If you are collecting stamps from a particular country it is usually done chronologically by date of issue, sub-divided into political periods or reigns. Some collectors specialize in collecting one stamp for each country that has ever issued a postage stamp. 

Some collectors specialize in collecting only first day covers which carry a stamp on the first day it was sold with a postmark for that day. 

Still other collectors like to collect “Cinderellas”.  These are stamps that are not official stamps issued by the postal administration of a country.  Collectors of cinderalla stamps include local postage issues, telegraph stamps, tax stamps, forgeries and counterfeit stamps in their collection. 

If you are interested in beginning a stamp collection you can find basic books about the topic in the hobby section of your local library.  The reference section may have a set of stamp collecting catalogs. 

Stamp collecting is a fun hobby where a person may enjoy and learn different kinds of information. 

There may be times when it is possible to profit from collecting stamps if you know what you are doing, or you are lucky enough to stumble upon a rare, expensive stamp.  There are special stamps that may feature an important event or person.  Depending on their rarity these special stamps can be expensive.  A collector may find a dealer who can provide a possible price value for a particular stamp.  It’s possible that you have stamps another collector would like for his collection and the other collector is interested in purchasing the stamps from you.  It’s also possible to advertise special and rare stamps for sale or to offer these stamps for sale at online auctions. 

Most stamp collectors are not collecting with an eye to making a profit from their stamps.  They are looking at stamp collecting as a hobby to be enjoyed