Stress Relief

2With the hectic pressures of modern life, stress is an integral part of everyone’s life.  Some stress is good and natural for learning, creativity and even survival.  It is when stress becomes overwhelming that it is harmful.  Overwhelming stress causes our bodies to use up too many vital nutrients.  You need to find a balance between what is necessary stress and what becomes overwhelming.

There are several ways to help handle stress.  You might try doing some exercise for a few minutes.  Even if you work at a desk job you may be able to do some stretching or go for a short walk.  Another aid for stress is to just blank out your mind for a few minutes and think of yourself in some relaxing place such as the beach.  For  some people just writing down stressful events will help lower your stress level.  Listening to music can calm you.  Tai chi and yoga are good techniques for relieving stress since they emphasis deep breathing, slow movement and relaxation poses.

A great way to relieve stress is to enjoy a laugh.  Laughter reduces you tension levels and does good things for your organs.

Building some time into your day to do some relaxing exercises or doing some meditation in a quiet place without the interference of television noise may help with your ability to relax and be less stressed

Sometimes it helps to think what did I stress about this time last year.  If you cannot remember, maybe what you are stressing about now is not really all that important.

Eating a well balanced diet and getting proper sleep are both aids in handling stressful situations.

Some stress is unavoidable, but other stresses are of our own making and we need to decide how much stress we will allow and how much stress we can reduce or eliminate all together.

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