What Not To Do To a Baby

Babies are wonderful. Some first time parents worry they will make a mistake when taking care of their precious baby. If you give your baby love, patience, caring and understanding and make sure the baby is fed, changed and in a safe place you should not have many problems. Babies are totally dependent on the […]

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep At Night

For the first few weeks your baby will be sleeping between ten and eighteen hours per day. However, eating will take priority for the baby over sleep. When the baby is hungry he will wake up. The baby will not have any concept of days or nights. This means the baby may chose a wake […]

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Crib

Babies and young children need their own place to sleep.  It is very unsafe for a baby to be in the same bed with a sleeping adult.  Accidents have occurred where an adult fell asleep, rolled onto the baby and the baby suffocated.  When you have a very young baby he or she will probably […]