10 Surprising Profitable Business Ideas For Working With The Elderly

With the baby boomers joining the ranks of the senior citizens more and more opportunities are available for businesses that assist the elderly.  Many of the senior citizens are no longer able or no longer willing to perform all the tasks they once did for themselves.  Many of these older people have the money that […]

Hey Wantrepreneurs! Here Are 8 Of The Best Small Business Opportunities For 2016

Are you considering becoming your own boss and opening a small business this year? There many business opportunities available. With a small business you usually don’t produce extreme wealth, but you can generate a decent steady income for yourself and your family and perhaps some employees. Here are just 8 types of business opportunities. Senior […]

Pay Attention Business Owners! Here Are 15 Simple Ways To Make Your Business More Green

Making your business more green will not only help the environment it may improve your bottom line. More and more consumers are interested in using environmentally friendly services and products. Here are some suggestions on how your business can be more green. Reduce the number of cars commuting to work each day. Encourage your employees […]

Impress Them, 10 Tips For A Successful Business Lunch

A business lunch no longer refers only to a meeting during a meal at lunchtime. Business meetings now may be conducted at lunch, but they may also be conducted at breakfast, or over coffee, or even at dinner. When you attend one of these meetings the most important aspect is not the food. It is […]

Types Of Businesses You Can Start While Keeping Your Job

Small businesses have long been an important aspect of the economy. Approximately 30% of the American workforce either owns or is employed by a small business. If you think you are ready to become an entrepreneur there are lots of opportunities. If you are currently employed you can still start your own business while continuing […]