Review Of Aldi: What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a store where prices are reasonable and you can navigate the store in a short period of time you may want to consider shopping at Aldi. Aldi was founded in Germany by the Albrecht brothers and their first stores to come into the United States were in 1976.  They have […]

Getting An Education In Criminal Forensics

The educational requirements for someone engaged in the practice of criminal forensics vary greatly depending on the type work an individual performs. Most city, state or federal law enforcement agencies maintain some type of laboratory whether it is a very basic lab which does mainly fingerprint processing or a full service laboratory which processes all […]

Best 5 Ways To Avoid Identity Theft

Identify theft seems to become more of a problem with each passing year. It only takes a little bit of your personal information for an identity thief to cause major headaches for you.  Resolving the problems an identity thief causes can take a very long time to resolve not the mention the stress and financial […]

Review Of Homicide Hunter – Lt. Joe Kenda

Presently the new episodes of Homicide Hunter air on the ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel at 10pm est on Tuesday night.  Older episodes of the show are shown throughout the week and at times ID runs a Homicide Hunter marathon. Homicide Hunter is a detective show set in Colorado Springs Colorado featuring cases solved by Lt. […]

How To Sell A Time Share?

If you are hoping to sell your time share you will need to develop some patience.  Purchasing your time share was easy.  Selling this same time share will not be easy,  However, if you need to sell your time share quickly you might want to try using an online auction site such as eBay. Time […]

What Are Shaving Clubs?

In 2012 a tiny ecommerce company exploded on the scene with the concept of a shave club.  This was not the first time the idea was floated, but this time it took off.  This tiny start up company was the Dollar Shave Club and now there are other companies such as ShaveMob following this same […]

The Pros And Cons Of Energy Drinks

With today’s hectic pace of life some people feel the need for a boost of energy to accomplish their tasks and get through the day.  The caffeine in coffee may provide this jolt of energy, but it takes time to brew a cup of coffee.  It is faster and easier to grab an energy drink […]

Kindle Unlimited Review

Amazon now has a plan which allows subscribers to access unlimited e-books for $9.99 per month. With the Kindle Unlimited subscription you will have access to over 2,000 audio books as well as over 600,000 titles of e-books.  Of course, this is only a small amount of the books available at Amazon.  Using Kindle Unlimited […]

Buying A Food Processor

A food processor may be the most versatile appliance in your kitchen.  It can chop vegetables and nuts, shred cheese and vegetables, knead dough, grind meat, form emulsions and partially puree foods. The size food processor you buy will depend on the number of people for whom you are preparing food.  Most families will not […]

Diapers – Cloth or Disposable?

There really does not appear to be any clear cut winner in the debate of cloth versus disposable diapers.  It really comes down to the personal preference of the parent. Some will argue that since disposable diapers need more raw materials to manufacture, create more solid waste in the landfill and do not degrade for […]