Is Your Car Insured For Your Kid’s Learners Permit?

When it gets near time for your teen to get a learners permit to drive you need to talk with your car insurance agent. You can read your own policy to try and ascertain if the child on a learners permit will be covered.  It is easier to discuss this with your agent so you […]

Signs That You’re At Risk For Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of men and women in the United States. Your physician or other health care professional is able to perform risk assessments to determine your risk for developing heart disease. To determine whether your risk for developing heart disease is high, low or moderate you need to know […]

What Are Cardiac Risk Factors?

There are many risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Some of these risk factors cannot be changed. These risk factors include family history, older age, gender, and ethnicity. Males are at a higher risk than females. Those people who are American Indian, Mexican American or African American have a greater risk of cardiac disease then […]