Don’t Throw It Away. Here Are 12 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

When you have finished brewing your pot of coffer don’t just throw your used coffee grounds in the garbage. You can recycle these used coffee grounds in any number of ways. The rough texture of the coffee grounds make a good abrasive for scrubbing grease and grime from dishes and cookware. Place the coffee grounds […]

What Are The Negative Effects of Coffee?

Over 80 percent of the adults in the United States drink coffee. For many people that first jolt of caffeine is what they look forward to each morning. Consuming too much coffee may have negative effects on your health.. If you consume an excess of caffeine you may have restless nights with trouble sleeping and […]

What Exactly Is Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee is a program which was developed to benefit small groups of farmers in developing countries. Under the Fair Trade program coffee is purchased through organized farmer cooperatives. The importers promise to make affordable credit available to these farmer cooperatives. An agreed upon minimum price for the coffee gives these small farmers a […]

Coffee – How To Find The Best Coffee

Finding the best coffee really depends on the preference of the individual. Each person has his own idea of how good coffee should taste. When you are looking for the best cup of coffee you want a coffee that is smooth and has no off-flavors. Once brewed the coffee should have a good aroma and […]

Lose Your Belly Fat

The newest aid for losing weight was recently discussed by Dr. Oz on his television show. Dr. Oz stated green coffee bean extract might be the key to weight loss. Green coffee bean extract is so popular stores have trouble keeping it in stock. Even without changing their way or eating and exercising, subjects in […]