How to Buy a Stationary Bike

An exercise bike in the home is a convenient way to get some low impact exercise and burn some calories.  Using a stationary bike is easy on the joints of the leg and on the knees.  It is considered a safe way to help increase heart rate without strain on your back or hips and […]

Increase Your Testosterone

As men get older their bodies produce less testosterone.  This decline starts to occur after you reach thirty and continues to go down each year thereafter. Lower testosterone can affect your muscle mass, your sex drive and may contribute to erectile dysfunction.  It can also hinder your performance while training at the gym. Elite Test […]

Signs of a Stroke

Anyone can be at risk for a stroke.  A stroke occurs when there is interruption of the blood flow to the brain.  When this happens the brain cells in the immediate area of the interruption begin to die.. It is extremely important to know who is most at risk for having a stroke.  You need […]

Stress Relief

With the hectic pressures of modern life, stress is an integral part of everyone’s life.  Some stress is good and natural for learning, creativity and even survival.  It is when stress becomes overwhelming that it is harmful.  Overwhelming stress causes our bodies to use up too many vital nutrients.  You need to find a balance […]

Runners High: Is It Real or a Myth?

Many people who run insist there is nothing like the feeling you get after a long run or a steady strenuous workout.  They liken the feeling to euphoria and an elevated mood. For years science has wondered if these feelings were actually a result of the exercise, but they had no practical way to test.  […]

Iron and Exercise

In order to transport oxygen through the blood and into the muscle cells the body needs the essential metal iron.  This metal binds to hemoglobin which is found in the blood and this allows for the oxygen to travel through the body and transfer the oxygen into the muscle cells.  The only source of useable […]

Avoid these exercises at the Gym

There are lots of choices of machines at the gym.  We see others using the machines and think they will be good for us to use.  Be careful.  Some machines may do your body more harm than good. A few of the exercises to avoid are:   The treadmill if you have too steep an incline.  […]

Bollywood, Zumba or both

For several years Zumba has been a very popular form of exercise.  Zumba has exercise moves to Latin beat music and is fun and easy to follow.  Zumba has 3 or 4 moves which are repeated during each song and your workout will cause you to break a sweat. Bollywood is the popular named used […]

Treadmill Buying Guide: Choose the Right Treadmill for You

A treadmill at home can be an important part of your fitness routine.  Walking daily will improve health and may contribute to weight loss. Since purchasing a treadmill is a major expense it is important to do your research  before you decide what to buy.  It is also important to be committed to using the […]