How Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays

During the holiday season most of us are tempted with wonderful foods, drinks and sweets. We socialize more and may find ourselves consuming more of the goodies then we should. No one wants to avoid the pleasures of the holidays. Nor do we want to gain 5 to 10 more pounds between Thanksgiving and the […]

The Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has long been a favorite ingredient in cooking to add flavor and spice.  Additionally, for years it has been known to have many healthy benefits too. Garlic is inexpensive and is available fresh or as garlic powder or garlic flakes or as a supplement in capsule form. Garlic can reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol […]

Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

Cats have very definite dietary needs.  Cats are carnivores and in order to maintain a healthy life they need a diet rich in protein.  When a cat needs to find his own food it is going to be a source of good protein.  Therefore, when we are providing cat food for our pet it is […]