How to Buy Mulch

Using mulch as part of your landscape will give your garden a polished appearance as well as providing benefits to your plants and trees.  Mulch made of organic materials can help keep the soil temperature even.  It can help with the growth of plants and can help prevent water loss.  Mulch can also help with […]

How to Buy a Leaf Blower That Works

Leaf blowers are an efficient way to remove debris and leaves from your property.  They work by air being propelled thru the machine and moving the debris.  A motor inside the blower turns a fan which draws the air in and then forces it out thru a smaller opening. You can complete the cleanup job […]

How to Buy a Lawn Mower

Everyone who lives in a home with a lawn knows they need to cut the grass.  Some folks have the grass cut for them, but most families cut their own grass. You need to consider several things when you are in the market to purchase a lawn mower.  The size of  your lot and whether […]