How To Keep Your Hamster Quiet At Night

Hamsters are naturally nocturnal animals so getting them to sleep at night is almost impossible. Trying to change a hamster’s sleep cycle can cause health problems for the hamster and can cause the animal to become cranky, unfriendly and likely to bite. Hopefully when you purchased your hamster you were aware it was a nocturnal […]

What Should You Feed Your Hamster?

Hamsters should have access to water and food at all times since they have high energy and a fast metabolism. The hamster needs to have a water bottle which can hang on the side of the cage or aquarium. It should be easily accessible to the hamster. The water bottle can be made of glass […]

Should You Have A Hamster As A Pet?

The cute, small, inquisitive bundle of fur known as a hamster may be a tempting pet, but is it the right pet for you? If you are a light sleeper who awakens at every little sound then you may not want a hamster as a pet. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures so they will be running […]