What To Do When Your Testosterone Level Is Low

If your testosterone level is low you may experience lower sex drive, shrinking muscles, depression, increased body fat, anxiety and confusion. You may experience some of these same symptoms if you are suffering from other health problems such as an acute illness. Before you begin any hormone replacement therapy to increase your level of testosterone […]

What Are Some Sources Of Dairy Free Calcium Containing Foods?

In order to maintain strong teeth and bones our bodies need calcium. Calcium also helps to regulate blood pressure, prevent insulin resistance and maintain healthy blood vessels. Adults need approximately 1,000 mg of calcium each day. As we age our calcium requirements increase for women over age 51 and men over age 70 to 1,200 […]

Various Uses For Coconut Oil

Many people are familiar with using coconut oil for baking and frying and with some of the health benefits derived from coconut oil use. There are many other uses for coconut oil in the household. Coconut oil may be able to replace some of the more toxic household products we use. If you are worried […]

How To Replace Diet Soda With Something More Healthy

Some people who regularly drink diet soda are concerned with how this beverage may negatively affect their health Regularly consuming diet soda may actually make you fatter than drinking regular soda. Drinking diet soda may increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Diet sodas contain unhealthy ingredients like phosphoric acid, chemicals, caffeine, artificial colorings […]

What Are The Healthiest Types of Salt?

The common table salt found in most of our homes is lacking in the trace elements needed by the human body. Table salt has been processed so that the trace minerals needed for a healthy functioning system are no longer present. The table salt we purchase is mainly sodium chloride. The product has been heated […]