How To Avoid Getting Sick From Your Pet

Everyone loves their pet. The idea you may become sick from your pet is something most people rarely consider. Seniors, young children, those with compromised immune systems and pregnant women are most susceptible to getting sick from their pet. You want to take sensible precautions to avoid getting sick from your pet. After having contact […]

How To Rename A Dog

You’ve recently adopted a dog and your want to give it a different name. You worry the dog will have a problem if you try to change the name. In fact, changing the name of your new dog to a name of your choosing may help you bond closer with the new dog. A new […]

Tips To Travel With Pets On Airplane

Unless it is really necessary traveling with your pet by air is not a very good idea. If you must take your pet on an airline it is safest if the pet travels with you in the cabin of the airplane. Most airlines allow cats and small dogs to travel in the cabin. Be aware […]

How To Travel With Your Dog By Car

Traveling by car with a dog can be a pleasant enjoyable experience for both of you with some advance preparation. Before embarking on a trip you need to get your dog comfortable and familiar with the vehicle. Let him walk around the car while it is parked at home so he can explore the machine […]

Keeping A Pot Bellied Pig As A Pet

A pot bellied pig may be the best pet or it may be the worst pet. Much of the way a pot bellied pig will behave in the household depends on the training he receives from his owner. The pig needs to know that he can trust his human owner. He also needs to know […]

Tips To Train A Kitten To Use A Litter Box

Contrary to popular belief not all kittens automatically know how to use a litter box. Many mother cats do train a kitten in the purpose and use of a litter box. But, if you have found a young stray kitten or have adopted a very young kitten it may not yet be familiar with using […]

Tips On Selecting Cat Food

In order to keep your cat happy and healthy it is important that you provide the proper cat food so your cat will receive the necessary nutrition. It is not enough to choose a cat food simply because the product claims to be natural. Natural may only indicate the food does not contain artificial colors, […]

Urinary Tract Infections In Cats – Natural Solutions

Many cats develop urinary tract infections at some time during their lifetime. It appears to be more prevalent in female cats. A urinary tract infection can be very painful. With a urinary tract infection your cat’s urine may be thicker and smell stronger than usual. When your cat has a urinary tract infection he will […]

Feline Diarrhea Overview

  If your cat is having frequent bowel movements or he is producing more stool or the bowel movement is loose the chances are good the cat has a case of diarrhea. If you suspect your cat has diarrhea and the problem has continued for more than a day or two give your vet a […]

Tips To Make Moving With Cats Easier

Cats will find moving a stressful experience. They are creatures of habit and are comfortable in familiar surroundings following their familiar routines. Moving will be a completely new and unwelcome experience for the cat. There are several things you can do to try and make a move a little less stressful. You want your cat […]