How to Choose a Pet Carrier

To keep you pet safe and secure when traveling outside your home you will want to use a pet carrier.  When deciding on a pet carrier it is important to keep in mind how the carrier is to be used.  If you need the carrier just for an occasional to the vet a less expensive […]

How to Buy a Dog Bed

To keep your dog from using your bed, sofa or chair as his own bed you will probably want to  purchase the dog a bed of his own.  Dog beds are available at pet stores where knowledgeable sales people should be able to assist you.  If purchasing a dog bed on line be sure to […]

Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

Cats have very definite dietary needs.  Cats are carnivores and in order to maintain a healthy life they need a diet rich in protein.  When a cat needs to find his own food it is going to be a source of good protein.  Therefore, when we are providing cat food for our pet it is […]