How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

It’s very hard to determine exactly how much you will need for retirement. The amounts will vary widely depending on the lifestyle you plan to lead, your health care expenses, whether you are still paying a mortgage or have other credit obligations and where you are living (some areas have a much less expensive cost […]

Can Retirement Be Bad For Your Health?

Yes! We all know people who looked forward to retirement and then became ill and died shortly after they did retirement. They never had time to enjoy the freedom retirement brings. Recent studies now indicate that retirement may be bad for your health. When you are working you are counting down to the time when […]

What Are Some Retirement Planning Mistakes One Should Avoid?

Although it is hard for a young person starting out in business to contemplate retirement that is the ideal time to begin planning for your future. The years pass quickly and the earlier you start retirement planning the more comfortable and secure you should be when you retire. Take advantage of the 401(k) or similar […]