Are You Using The 10% Savings Rule To Your Benefit?

You have probably heard about the 10% savings rule.  This “rule” says everyone needs to save for retirement 10% of any income received. There really cannot be a hard and fast rule as to the percentage of income you should save.  The financial situation is different for everyone. If  you are a young person in […]

Are You Being Smart With Your Money? Here Are 8 Reasons You’re Not

There are people who are able to manage their finances very well. There are others who make financial mistakes that are costing them money and hindering their ability to have a more secure financial situation. Here are some things you should change to improve your financial future. Credit cards can be helpful if you have […]

8 Simple Tips To Stop Sabotaging Your Savings And Financial Future

Most young people starting their first job are not thinking about retirement. The years fly past quickly and so you need to start saving early to provide for your financial future. It’s wise to begin saving from your very first paycheck. Here are some simple tips to help you obtain a more secure financial future. […]