Types Of Student Loans

If you plan to apply for a student loan be sure you understand exactly what terms you are contracting to pay There are different types of student loans with different payment options and requirements. There are basically two types of student loans. Those which are subsidized loans and those which are unsubsidized. With the subsidized […]

How Can You Get Your Student Loan Forgiven?

It may be possible to have some or all of your student loan forgiven if you meet certain criteria. If you volunteer your time with AmeriCorps, VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) or the Peace Corps it may be possible to have up to 70% of your student loan forgiven. If you are a teacher […]

Things You Never Knew About Repaying Student Loans

The majority of students who graduate from four year colleges and universities have student loan debt. The average loan amount per graduate is over $25,000. Prior to July 2012 there was a six month grace period after graduation before interest started accruing on the student loans. Since July 2012 the grace period no longer applies […]