Taking Care Of Your Collectible Dolls

Many people collect dolls for their beauty and historical value.  Dolls are not just playthings for little girls. Collecting dolls is popular with many adults.   Any doll can be a collectible doll if it is valued and loved.  A collectible doll may be a china doll, a French bisque doll, a cloth doll or even a vintage Barbie.  It may be an antique treasured doll or it may even be a modern Bratz doll.

When you are a doll collector you show your love for your collection by taking good care of your dolls.  If you store your dolls in a box and then put the box away in the basement or attic you are not showing love for these dolls.    In fact, stored away you probably forget about them.

You never want to store your dolls in airtight plastic containers where moisture may accumulate causing mold.  If you must put your dolls in a plastic container make sure it has air holds for circulation.  Careless handling of dolls can result in irreversible damage over time.

Collectible dolls are precious and some may become valuable later if you keep them in proper condition. Preventing your dolls from becoming damaged is not difficult.  When you take proper care of your dolls they will last for years.

Here are some simple tips for caring for your collectible dolls.

  1. Store your collectible dolls in a glass display case. This will keep most of the dust off the dolls and will keep them away from pets.
  2. Dust accumulation on dolls can make them turn dark or yellow. The dust may also form a thick skin on the doll that is hard to peel off.  If you display your dolls on open tables or shelves be sure to remove the dust on a regular basis.
  3. Light either from a fluorescent light or natural sunlight may cause problems for your dolls. The natural sunlight may fade the cloth dolls and may cause the clothing on other dolls to fade.  The heat from either type of light can cause vinyl or plastic dolls to become discolored.  If you put a doll in a bright sunny room place it in a corner where the light does not shine directly on it.
  4. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals which can damage your dolls. The cigarette smell can cling to your dolls and their clothing and the cigarette smell is very hard to clean off.
  5. Pets may decide that your collectible doll makes a good chew toy. If you value your dolls be sure they are in a safe place out of reach of your pets so the doll cannot be damaged.
  6. Chemicals can cause many problems for your dolls. You may expose your collectible dolls to chemicals without knowing it.  Acidic chemicals may come from the varnish of a wooden cabinet where you are storing your dolls or from the cardboard of your doll box.  To prevent chemical exposure on your dolls, line your storage cabinet or doll box with acid-free paper before putting your dolls there.
  7. Temperature can have an effect on your dolls. They should be stored at room temperature.  Extreme cold or heat can compromise the integrity of the material from which your collectible doll is made.  Extreme temperatures can cause the fibers of the fabric to become brittle.  The plastic in dolls can become deformed in heat and the ceramic and papier mache dolls may crack.