Teak Furniture 

Teak outdoor furniture is made from the teak tree which is found in the tropical region of Javanese.  Environmental harvesting is practiced by most of the farms from which companies that build teak furniture purchase their wood.  This means that the cut trees are replaced by newly planted trees.  By replanting the trees, the teak trees will not become obsolete, but will be growing for generations to come. 

Teakwood’s natural finish has a beautiful golden hue.  The wood has a natural resistance to the weather elements which makes it a perfect material for outdoor furniture.  The strength and durability of the teak furniture will withstand the weather extremely well. 

There is a timeless beauty to teak wood.  The teak furniture is designed in simple, elegant, classic lines and the furniture pieces will last through many generations. 

After exposure to the sunshine and rain the teak wood will turn a lovely silver-gray color.  The furniture color may become irregular or you may experience some mildew. 

To maintain the beauty of the teak furniture there is very little maintenance required.  You don’t need to add oils to the furniture since the natural oils in the wood help preserve the natural beauty.  You do want to occasionally clean your teak furniture to remove the dirt and to prevent the growth of any mold.  When you decide to clean your furniture choose a sunny day so the furniture will dry quickly.  You can use soapy water for a basic cleaning of your teak furniture or you can use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning teak furniture (care products for teak furniture are available at your teak furniture retailer). Gently scrub the furniture following the direction of the wood grain.  After cleaning the teak furniture use a garden hose to rinse it. 

Teak furniture comes in many styles and types of furniture.  The furniture is lightweight so it can easily be rearranged to suit your needs.  There are dining sets for outdoor meals and these come with either round or rectangular tables of various sizes.  Chairs for these tables are available with or without arms.   

Conversation sets are a nice place to relax and enjoy talking with family and friends.  The conversation sets are cushioned and designed for comfort.  Perhaps you would enjoy a swing for the porch or patio or maybe a rocking chair or two.  Teak outdoor furniture comes in loveseats, individual chairs, and side tables.  If your outdoor plans include a bar area then a teak bar and teak barstools can be found. 

To add color and comfort to your outdoor teak furniture consider purchasing some cushions for your furniture.  Teak furniture does not come equipped with them.   

The purchase of teak outdoor furniture will be expensive, but you are making an investment that will last for many years.  You want to think about the style and design of the teak outdoor furniture you purchase and be sure it meets your needs.  You want to purchase furniture that you will appreciate and enjoy in your home for a long time.